Experts Tips on Air Conditioning Maintenance 

When those hot summer months hit, nobody wants their air conditioner to start to malfunction. With that in mind, there are some very easy steps that you can take to ensure that your air conditioner will be running trouble-free throughout the summer months.

Obviously, the first thing which should be done is to shut off the power to the air conditioner itself. Failure to do so could result in electric shock so severe that it causes personal injury or even death. This means turning the power off at not only the unit itself but also at the breaker box.

The next step is to remove all debris that has accumulated on the unit. This includes not only dirt and grime but also leaves that can very easily accumulate on external air conditioner units. The grill to the unit can be very easily removed with nothing more than a screwdriver and a small vacuum can then be used to suck away all of the accumulations that are potentially clogging the unit.

The next step, which is important in avoiding having to call an air conditioning repair service denver co is to clean the fins on the unit. This can be done using compressed air and spraying it at the dirty fins to help loosen any grime that may have accumulated. The loosened filth can then be vacuumed away using a shop vac.

The next step should be to straighten any bent fins. This is done because any interference with airflow will result in a far less efficient air conditioner. A simple butterknife can be used to gently straighten the fins or there are also professionally-made fin-straightening tools which can be purchased at hardware stores. No matter how you choose to clean the unit, make sure to be careful not to damage the tubing that dwells within the unit.

Now that the unit has been cleaned, the external grill can be replaced. Once the grill has been put back on, clean away any debris that remains around the entire unit and cut away branches if there are any. Experts recommend leaving an area about 2 feet around the unit to ensure proper air flow and ventilation.

One thing that is often forgotten about is to make sure the unit is level. Over a period of time, the pad which the unit sits upon can become not level due to it sinking into the soil. If the condenser is forced to work for too long in a state of not being level, it can cause it to fail earlier than is natural.

By following all of these experts tips, you can hope to achieve maximum life expectancy from the air conditioning unit. But by failing to complete these simple but necessary tasks, the air conditioning unit will die out quickly or force you to perform expensive repairs that would otherwise be unnecessary. Try to keep the air conditioner running at peak efficiency and much savings will be realized.